METABET is More Than Just a Token
The future of gambling will be driven by the decentralization of P2P gaming platforms. This transition has been streamlined by the integration of gaming scripts into smart contracts. It is our feeling that the demand for a decentralized casino platform has not been met sufficiently. More specifically, the demand for a gambling ecosystem that encompasses anonymity and financial freedom has not been established.
The $MBET ecosystem will be ever-evolving. The development of the MetaBET Casino will soon be underway. Our casino aims to be a one-stop shop for DeFi gamblers from all echelons. Token holders will be incentivised to partake in digital currency funded casino games and to provide liquidity to the platform. Our goal is to ensure that players and loyal holders are rewarded with profits and lucrative returns for liquidity pairings (LP). This will be accomplished with redistribution of casino profits – 75% –back to those who provide LP.
Digital currency is rapidly expanding into the Metaverse. We envision our polished platform as the leading Metaverse casino. Picture yourself as a poker player sitting across the table from your favorite celebrity. We intend to bring life to a professional, trustworthy and user-friendly virtual platform.
This is MetaBET – a metaverse casino backed by decentralized finance and blockchain technology.
METABET, By the community for the community…
Buy Tax: 0%
0.1% slippage
Sell Tax: 0%
0.1% slippage
Casino Profits
Sit down at our table… THIS IS WHERE THE GAME BEGINS.
75% - Shared to LP providers
25% - Development/Marketing
Road Map
  • Project Launch (Stealth)

    CoinMarketCap listing

    CoinGecko listing


    Exchange Listings

  • Launch MetaBET Casino

    Develop Decentralized Poker Dapp

The project will be held together by hundreds if not thousands of visionary players. The true power of this ecosystem does not come from the core team but the many people behind the wallets, the holders themselves.
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